Who is UK Pomsky Kennel Club

We have been working alongside International Pomsky Association and Pomsky Owners Association since 2014.
We are a group of pomsky breeders who’s main interest are, the future of Pomskies in the UK and supporting Pomsky owners throughout the life of their pomsky.

The UK Pomsky Kennel Club was formed to promote ethical breeding and education in the UK. We will continue to build a database of pomskies to enable breeders to search for the most compatible, unrelated stud. You can find our open stud book here.

Finding Your Perfect Pomsky

If you are looking for a Pomsky breeder in the UK look not further.  Our breeder directory is here.  We have done all the leg work for you.  Our advice would be to find a breeder that you connect with.  One that will answer all your questions. 

All the breeders in our directory have been verified by us.  All their breeding dogs and litters they produce are in our database.  As an owner of a UK Pomsky KC registered puppy you can join our closed Facebook page for guidance on training, feeding and raising your pomsky.