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As a member, you will have access to contribute to our database, allowing prospective owners to make informed decisions when searching for their next furry companion. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to advertise litters & events, connect with other Pomsky enthusiasts, and access our blog training posts. 

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Our Breeder Certification program ensures that all of our certified breeders meet our high standards for ethical breeding and responsible pet ownership. By joining our club, you are not only getting access to valuable resources, but also supporting our efforts to preserve and improve the Pomsky breed.

The membership fees are annual subscriptions and help toward running our services.

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£45 / annually*

What’s Included?

**Up to $40 off all Embark Kits *No automatic membership renewal, unsuccessful applications refunded. Not all features available on launch. Membership T&Cs Apply


£15 / annually*

What’s Included?

*No automatic membership renewal, **dog records added via ownership transfer certificate. ***Up to $40 off all Embark Kits  Not all features available on launch. Membership T&Cs Apply