Husky Markings


So this is a topic that I have heard talk about very frequently and sadly there was never much confirmation on what is classed as Husky markings. When looking at Pomskys markings can vary so much with the influence from the two breeds, so it may help to establish exactly what the different husky markings are so you know what you are looking for. Everyone has preferences and while to some this may seem shallow, we like what we like, we pick our partners based on a combination of things, many will say personality is most important, but lets face it we all are attracted to our partners by looks first!

Gone off track slightly lets get back to the dogs…

Husky’s come with a variety of markings and colours, we will stay clear of colourings for this blog as thats a very long discussion in itself. When it comes to markins we will look primarily at facial markings. I have borrowed some pictures from which is a fantastic website to look at if you are keen to find out more about Husky colourings and markings.

One of the most commonly recognised facial husky markings are a full mask and bars. These markings can quite often fade with age, so they may be very distinct as a puppy however the bars may dilute over time.



Full mask no bars, no eyebrows:



Full Mask no bars:



Clover Mask or Goggles:



Open Faced / No Mask:



Dirty Faced Sieberians / Wolf Faced: