Puppy Farm/Backyard Breeder vs Genuine Ethical Breeder


This is just a little write up on my personal experience with different types of breeders.

I have seen all types of breeders over the years, some are downright shocking, and some make you realise there are breeders that DO care.

I have experienced some sad babies over the years, mainly puppy farm/backyard breeding bitches, who have all their short life, done nothing but have babies from an early age of 6-7 months, up until 4-6 years. ( if they are lucky, they get “disposed” of once they have a season and don’t catch, or only have 1 or 2 pups in a litter)

They don’t know anything, except that the human that feeds them occasionally kicks and hits them, chucks them about and generally abuses them. That’s the only time, apart from when she’s forced to mate, that she sees humans, or has any contact with.

Their food if they get any, is scraps, and if they don’t get fed they eat their own faeces. The only contact with with other dogs, is at mating.

They only know a cold block pen, with sawdust as bedding. They don’t know what a car, cat or bird is.

Their pups also have a very very poor start in life. Again they don’t know humans other animals. The only dogs they know, is mum and siblings.

When you go to see the pups, you will never see mum but if you do, it’s normally not the real mum, just the nice looking one they want you to see.

When a pup leaves mum, it’s normally too young. About 5-6 weeks old! This is way too young as they still rely on mum to teach them manners.

The parents aren’t health checked so mum and dad could pass on anything.

They have no socialisation skills, no training to help them settle away from mum, and normally end up being ill and sadly some die.

Then you have the other side, the breeders that actually do care about their dogs and pups.

The breeding bitches are actually pets living in the home. They have wonderful socialisation skills, are relaxed and don’t have their first litter, normally until they are 2.

Both parents are health checked and if there is anything wrong, then they don’t breed. Instead of being “disposed” of, as puppy farms/backyard breeders do, they are spayed and kept as the family pet.

The breeding is planned, the male and female selected to compliment each other. Not just for looks, but for temperament and health.

The mums live in the home, there’s no garage or shed for them to have their pups. The whelping box is in the house. Mum doesn’t have to search for food or wonder if she’s going to get fed. All mum has to worry about, is keeping pups happy.

They start training at an early age, socialised with everything within a family home the hoover, telephone, washing machine etc.

The pups don’t leave mum until at the very the earliest 8 weeks. Some even hold on until 9 – 10 weeks so that pup has as much learning time with mum as possible.

You will always see mum, and be encouraged to visit your pup as much as possible.

This is my personal experience with both breeders.

I have 2 Pomskys, 1 puppy farm and one genuine caring breeder.

My first Pomsky came from a genuine caring breeder, having dealt with puppy farm breeders, I needed to make sure this was genuine. I asked lots and lots of questions, all were answered, with proof from vets.

There were updates of the pups, feeding with mum, playing with mum, and the other resident dog.

I went to the home, and mum and pups were in the living room, in the whelping box. I picked my fur baby, and he had no fear of me, nor did any of the pups. Mum was very happy to let us cuddle them, she would come over now and then just to check.

I noticed, that even though the pups were about 4 weeks, they had already started their training. They had a few things in the pen to help with sensory. Touch smell etc.

At 6 weeks I was sent a video of him, already learning “sit” and also learning to go to the toilet outside. I was encouraged to visit him as much as possible, to help him. And I went as much as I could.

Brought him home at 9 weeks, and it was all really easy, we only had 2-3 little accidents, which were my fault. He settled in extremely well! The first night he cried, but I remembered that when he went to bed at the breeders, his create was covered at night, so he knew it was bedtime.

He was playful, excitable and wanted nothing more than to play.

Training him has been so easy, he aims to please, loves cuddles, and will happily play with any other human or dog.

It was so easy having a pup from this type of breeder.

My second Pomsky came to me at 5 months old, from a puppy farm.

The day she came, she was petrified of me, my partner and my other dogs. The cat scared her, as she didn’t know what it was.

All she knew was the block kennel, mum being scared.

We had to take everything extremely slow. If we went to smooth her, she would cower, until she felt OK. But still didn’t trust us.

She trusted my other dogs first. Wouldn’t come to us. Was very dirty in the house.

6 months on, and we are still training with her. She trusts us now, but still doesn’t like fast movements. She’s still unsure of other dogs. Especially ones that are bigger than her. Sometimes we take 2 steps forward, and then 10 steps back.

Even today, she has very weary moments of us. Cowering away from us.

This will sadly, more than likely, be how she is for the rest of her life.

Written by pomsky owner Rena Brown