Remembering Recall


Most Pomsky owners will tell you their Pomsky is terrible at recall. This can be true due to Pomskies having that independent Husky trait that we all love. They are intelligent, independent, loving and Stubborn!!!!

The Pomeranian is also intelligent, independent and loving.

Both breeds are easy to train.

I believe using positive based training methods can and will get a decent recall from your dog.

Your next question is HOW???

Its simple, you need to set your dog up to succeed AND, you need to be the most important and interesting thing in the whole world to your dog! More important and interesting than the squirrel running up the tree, more important than that other dog and his owner, more interesting than the livestock in the other field or the cat across the very busy road!

So many owners start out with good intention and teach their dog how to sit, lay down, roll over and shake paws. This type of training is trick training and I really believe that there are more important things you can teach your pomsky;

  • LEAVE You never know when your dog could get into something they shouldn’t.
  • IMPULSE CONTROL Needed for the high prey drive and independence.
  • RECALL A must to get your dog back


Teaching your dog leave means that your dog will leave something it shouldn’t have so you don’t need to be chasing your dog round the house or the garden.

The best way to start is with a rope or tug type toy. Once your pomsky is thoroughly engaged and your both tugging away, freeze. Become as still as a statue. Your pomsky will continue to tug and play with the toy but at some point he will wonder why you have stopped and will look at you and stop pulling too. At this point you pair this with the word of your choice, Leave, Out, Drop and so on. Chose your word wisely. Only use this word when you want your pomsky to leave something alone and not touch it.

Once your dog understands the word you have selected, try this method with a yummy, juicy, meaty bone that is big enough for you to hold one end and your pomsky to get chomping on the other. Once your dog is fully engaged, tell your dog to leave. This is a high value item and there will be temptation there to continue chomping. If your dog continues to chew then go back to the tug toy and switch it up to a high value item gradually.


This is probably the most important thing you could teach your pomsky. All my pups are started on the very basics of impulse control and I start when they are around 5 weeks of age. This type of manding can help in so many ways. It teaches manners and you don’t even need to use your voice.

Below is the link to Susan Garretrs ‘It’s Yer Choice’ so that you can watch the video and then put it into practice. Make sure you use this in situations like door manners and food. By using this training technique, YOUR pomsky will waiting at an open door without bolting in no time.

Also here’s the link to Susan Garrets explanation.


That’s why we are really here right?

One thing that is the most important here is the safety of your pomsky. You need to set your pomsky up for success which is one of the reasons I mentioned Leave and Impulse Control above.

If your pomsky has a solid leave, he will be more inclined to return to you when he has hold of some scabby, week old KFC box.

If she has great Impulse Control, she will be more willing to come back to you than chase a squirrel. Lets see how we can do this!!

I start my recall training in the home. Just sitting in the living room, I throw a treat across the room for my pup to run and get it. As soon as the pup turns her head back to me I drop a treat a little closer to me. Once the pup has taken the treat I wait again for him to look. Then I throw another treat across to the opposite side of the room. Every time the pup looks at me, I throw another treat. I throw treats in lots of different directions. At my feet, across the room, under my chair or table and so on. Then we need to get pup to come back in between each treat so throw one across the room, wait for the look and throw one treat at your feet. Repeat this and soon your pup will be running back to you for the treat that is going to be dropped at your feet. Once he has this off to a tee we can start pairing it with a word. Here, Come, Close. Then you can try shouting ‘Here’ from another room. This is a great game with another person in the other room and you can call your pomsky back and forth. Play hide and seek. That’s so much fun. Now this part is easy. There’s no distractions and not really anywhere to go so your pup is going to succeed here. Now we up the game and go outside in the garden. Once you have that under your belt and your pomsky is coming back then we need to up the distraction level. Up the distraction, up the reward, so very high value treats.

Get that pomsky on a long training line. Go to a nice safe place. Tennis courts, off lead play areas, parks. Anywhere that is safe and preferably enclosed. You will need some amazing, tasty treats. Chicken, cheese, hot dogs. High value treats are a must with recall. Now have some fun! Sit in the park and let your pomsky sniff around in the grass. Hide some treats. Use the grass like a snuffle mat. Remember your game you played in the living room? Have a game. Play some other games like hide behind a tree. Chase me (Use the words ‘this way’ and run away from your pomsky). Play tug, roll or throw a ball for your dog to fetch, use flirt poles. Make yourself the most important thing in the world. Have fun!!! Do you still have hold of that training lead?? Drop it. Have confidence in yourself. You can always stand on the end if you feel your pomsky is thinking of going AWOL. You are not going anywhere. You are just sitting in the park having fun. The majority of people think because they have a dog they have to walk. Walk, walk, walk and walk some more. Dogs do like to walk but they love to play more. Try to find a different game to play with your dog each month. The more games you have to play the more interesting you are and the less interesting the gang of dogs in the dog park are and the less interesting the Picnic baskets are. If they have something that is going to keep them attentive, they don’t need to go looking elsewhere. You don’t need to walk from A to B in a direct line. Just have fun and Play!! You can even play right outside your own home!

Now there may come a day when things go bottoms up. You have taken the long line off now because recall has been brilliant. Then there comes that jogger who had a female dog at home and whoosh. Everything has gone out the window. Don’t beat yourself up about it. We have a backup!! For the past few months, every now and again, you have been playing the trump card! Just after your Sunday roast you grab a handful of beef or chicken and dump it on the floor NEAR YOUR DOG and shout ‘SURPRISE’ Next time you dump it whilst your in the doorway of the room. Yummy. Next try dumping the goodies in the other room. This is like every doggies birthday treat. If for some reason your pomsky didn’t listen to your recall word, try SURPRISE.