Guide To: Requesting Record Transfers  

In order for an Owner Membership account to possess & manage dog records on the My Dogs page, the records must be explicitly transferred from a Breeder account.

By default, Owner memberships cannot create dog records but they can take ownership & manage records that are transferred to them.

Additionally, Breeder accounts may also transfer records to other Breeder accounts through the same process.

All transfers are done on a per request basis and are facilitated & processed by the UK Pomsky Kennel Club admin free of charge.


1. Transfer Guide for Owners 

If you have newly signed up for an Owner Membership you will find that your My Dogs page is empty.

If your Breeder is registered with the UK Pomsky Kennel Club and they have registered your dog/puppy you may contact them via email and request transfer of the record to your account.

How to Request Transfer From Breeder:

  1. Note your account username on your Settings/Account page
  2. Contact your breeder referencing your account username, dog/puppy to be transferred and explicitly request transfer of the record.

Your Breeder will then forward this request to the UKPKC admin and the transfer will be processed.

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 10.02.37

Transferring records to owners is recommended as it prevents breeders becoming over encumbered by too many records. Owners are better equipped to maintain the accuracy of their dogs data. 

2. Transfer Guide for Breeders

If an Owner has requested transfer of a record from you to their Owner account then please do the following:

  1. Check if the dog is registered, if not then register the dog.
  2. Go to the record in My Dogs and click the edit button
  3. Under the Ownership details fill out all fields:

    Purchased From: Name of previous owner (You)
    Registered Owner: Name of new registered owner
    Registered Owner Email: Email of new registered owner
    Last Transfer of Ownership: Date of Ownership Change
    Breeding Contract: Breeding Permissions of transferred dog

  4. Forward the proof of request email from the new Owner to:

The new registered owner details must match the details of the Owner membership account receiving the record.

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 12.21.02

Ownership detail can be found at the bottom of the edit dog form. While you fill these it is also recommend that you complete as much of the record as possible and pay particular attention to the breeding contract which will determine if the dog has breeding rights. Only the original breeder may set the breeding contract and all subsequent transfers must inherit this contract.

3. Special Requests and Circumstances

Sometimes Owners may not know who their breeder is, the breeder may have since retired or closed the business and are uncontactable. In these cases it is still worth contacting us to provide assistance. 

If we have the record we may still be able to transfer it to you or assist in adding historic records to the database to connect linages.

For special requests please contact: